Saturday, April 21, 2018

Stella Chroma: My Nail Polish Obsession LE Prickly Pair Duo; Let's Hug & Prickly Pear Sugar Scrub

Morning and happy Saturday!  I'm here to share my blogiversary/birthday custom with you!  I recently made a trip to Sedona, Arizona and was in love with the gorgeous scenery, specifically the beautiful cacti!  So I contacted Stella Chroma to see if she could make me a fabulous duo that was inspired by my trip.  Welp, Pam is a dream maker, folks!  She gave me exactly what I wanted!  So tonight I have a beautiful polish for you, Let's Hug (because isn't that what we all want to do to an adorable cactus?) and Prickly Pear Emulsified Sugar Scrub.  The set is the Prickly Pair and you can pick it up for $15 starting today (4/21), MY BIRTHDAY!  YAY!  Actually this is a belated 6-year Blogivearsary!  Dang, I've been blogging nail polish (and more recently beauty products) for SIX years now!  So let's jump in and check out my customs!
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The Prickly Pair comes with a smaller sized scrub

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

ellagee, Five Years of Sparkle

Good evening!  Tuesday, you should be called Monday Part 2.  I got a whole lot of nothing accomplished today except for the taxi mom life.  But at least today I get to share a new polish on the blog with you.  ellagee is celebrating their 5 year anniversary!  Woo-hoo!  Laura came up with a pretty polish for the occasion and it's called Five Years of Sparkle.  This lovely polish is available now for $12.50.  Let's jump on in to the post and check out some pictures!  

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Monday, April 16, 2018

KBShimmer Core Shades: Carpe Denim, A Touch of Glass, Run! It's the Coppers! & Full Bloom Ahead

Boo on you Monday.  Is it Summer yet?  I want to sleep in and be lazy and sit by the pool every day.  I guess its not that far off though so I'll hang in there for now.  While I'm waiting patiently for Summer I can show you some lovely core polishes from KBShimmer!  These are pretty shades that are always available (unless they get retired) but got a face life with the new packaging.  You can pick up any of the polishes in this post now for $10.  Ready to delve in to the post?  Ok then, let's go!

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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Bee's Knees for Girly Bits Exclusives; Growing Strong & Dullest Words of Any House

Morning and happy Sunday!  Hope your weekend has been going well.  Mine has been fairly unproductive, just a few kids soccer games and lounging around the house.  I do have exciting news for you today!  Bee's Knees Lacquer will now be available over at the Girly Bits shop and there are a couple exclusives that you can only get though Girly Bits!  The exclusives are available today, 4/15, and will be $16 CAD each.  Let's jump right in to the post and check out these 2 beauties!

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Girly Bits Hella Handmade Creations, April 2018 - No Fawkes Given

Good morning!  I'm sad, back on the Mainland.  Wah, that trip was way too fast but I accomplished exactly what I wanted to...nothing at all!  I lounged, relaxed and sat poolside for 5 days.  But now I'm going to have to bust by butt to get back into the swing of swatting and blogging to catch up on some things!  Let's start with this Girly Bits custom created for the newly renamed Hella Handmade Creations group.  This group was FKA Hella Holo Creations and was only nail polish.  Now they have changed their game plan, will include other handmade products (think hand and body care, etc...).  They also have multiple makers sign up with a theme for whatever duration they chose so you could get 4 months of Spring Flowers or 3 months Nautical products.  Girly Bits signed up to do a series of Harry Potter inspired polishes.  The first one, inspired by Fawkes, is called No Fawkes Given.  The HHC will open on 4/14 and you can purchase THIS polish for 7 days, ending on 4/21.  No Fawkes Given will be $13 and there is no cap.  Alright, I just hose fed you a ton of information so let's jump in and check out the polish.  

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Beauty Review: KBShimmer Cuticle Cream & Body Lotion

Morning from Maui again!  I know, I'm a jerk, sorry!  I won't rub it in anymore.  But I'll tell ya what you can rub in...these lotions from KBShimmer.  Headsmack, sorry for the totally cheeseball into.  Ok, so a you know KBShimmer recently did a huge rebranding.  Formulas, scents, packaging, logo, the whole shebang.  I have a review of a few old made new products to share with you today.  The Picture Perfect Cuticle Cream is a perfect little hard worker to moisturize your cuticles.  It's available in 7 scents and will cost ya $4.50.  The Body Lotion is a thick and creamy lotion that keeps you from looking dried out at any point in the day.  7 scents available for $10 each.  Let's jump in so I can tell you more about these awesome products.  

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Girly Bits Cosmetics; Limited Edition April Colour of the Month Duo - Bouquet Corral & My Peony Has A First Name

Good morning from Hawaii!  I'm on vacation for Spring Break, woop woop!  But Hawaii in April is a bit of a hit or miss with the weather, it's windy and cloudy and rained on our first day.  But oh well, we are still in paradise and I'm enjoying it and relaxing the days away.  The only thing that throws me off is the time difference - 6 hours difference between Hawaii and the East Coast!  So my timing to share anything nail or beauty related is a bit wonky.  But I think I got it for this post!  Today I have the Girly Bits April Colour of the Month Duo for ya AND it's the last day to purchase the duo at the discounted rate of $29.50 CAD for the duo.  After the 10th the prices will be $15 CAD for the creme and $16.50 CAD for the flakie polish.  Great names cane out of the Girly Bits Fan group again, we have My Peony Has A First Name and Bouquet Corral.  They will be available until 5/1/18.  Alrighty, less talky, more looky!

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